How to play

1. Go over to the character section, read through it, and pick a character you like.

2. Give the character a Primary, a Secondary, and a Tertiary trait, as detailed in

Conflict mechanics, Escalaction, and the Supernatural

3. You will get, at least one additional thing from me, to help you guide your character. This will be a Want (something to tie you to the Town), a Sin (something to tie you to the Dogs), or a Desire (something to tie you to the Carnival). This works as a sort of mini-goal.

4. To pay for these mini-goals, you also get five chits of Money. Money can be exchanged for goods and services. Basically, if you want to pay someone, give them Money. I know, duh :)

5. You may also get Special Abilities, usually tied to being able to refill Traits of others, or yourself, for Money.

6. If you happen to be an Avatar, you also get Avataric Goals, and Avataric Abilities. Those are hidden until you Awaken.

7. Regardless who you are, you will have Relationships with some of your fellow Carnies, Townies, or Dogs. You hate some people, you like some others, and you may pine after a third.

8. There you go, motivations, abilities, and other stuff. Go out and act! :)

How to play

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