Townie: Tommy Dolan - PLAYER: SAMUEL



The story is everything.

Aint that a grand motto to live your life by, city boy? You chuckle at your own jest as you wolf down another serving of small-town gruel. You, Tommy Dolan, the voice of KFXM, the voice of San Bernardino, no, the voice of the whole fucking Valley, relegated to interviewing drifters and hayseeds and Oakies for the weekly sob story to sell to the rich californians back over the mountains?! A disgrace!

You spent the time since the Depression hit in places much like this, trying to get your career back on track, without any success. Now, you have been sent, or have drifted to, you honestly don’t remember anymore, into New Canaan, reporting on the same old crap. Boring.

What’s this? Rumors about some crazy church father? A preacher to rival Coughlin? And some freak show? You smell a story. A big one. The one to take you back not only to the Valley, but all the way to Hollywood. All the way to RKO.

Tommy Dolan is back in the game!


Townie: Tommy Dolan - PLAYER: SAMUEL

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