The Faith and the Dogs

The descriptions are adapted from “Dogs in the Vineyard”. If you get the pdf, you can read that :)

The Faith is the in-universe equivalent of Mormons, and the Dogs are the enforcers and religious police of the church.

The whole name of the Faith is the Faith of All Things in the King Of Life, Reborn. The Faith is the only true religion in the world. All others are corrupted and decadent sinners, devilry, or idle nonsense dreamt up by lesser men.

The Faithful are few in number, having made their arduous trek across the Mountains to the Land Of Balm and Virtue some seventy years ago, and kept to themselves, mostly. They try to live simple, honest, dutiful lives, in communities where noone is hungry while someone is eating, where noone is freezing while someone is well-clothed. The King of Life has decreed that taking more than one wife is a man’s just reward for service to the Faith and Faithful.

The Dogs are a holy order, tasked by the Church Fathers to keep the Faithful safe, sound, and following Doctrine. The Dogs are also young men and women, having freshly left their father’s homes. They tour the countryside, running from town to town, keeping order, abrogating disputes, giving hope to the hopeless, sermonizing, that sort of thing. Perhaps not too surprisingly, there are two very distinct subsets of Dogs: those who feel called to duty, and those who view this as their escape from the boring and paternalistic life usually led on their fathers homesteads.

Brother Justin is a firebrand elder, and he has led his loyal (or not so loyal) Dogs to New Canaan to re-sanctify this city, and turn it back into the outpost of Faith.

The Faith and the Dogs

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