Special abilities, Avatar Powers, and the like

The three factions each bestow a special ability on their members.

Mechanically, all these abilities work to restore one point of a Mental/Social/Physical stat. Each faction gets SEVEN such “refills”. Gun Fallout costs two refills to heal.

The Dogs have the ability to Anoint With Sacred Clay. They can make the Mark Of The Tree Of Life on a person (draw a stylized tree on their forehead with red clay), and ask the King Of Life for a boon.

The Townies, made of somewhat simpler cloth as far as spiritualism goes, and prefer their spirits in distilled form. Going For a Drink at the Golden Bull is their way to restore points. Just don’t piss of Buck.

The Carnies may be a bickering, contentious, starving family, but they are a family nonetheless. They may take good Carny Care of each other to restore points.

Avatar powers make all these things pale in comparison. Avatars are Holy, or Unholy Manifestations of God/Gods/Satan/Metatron/who knows, and can thus call upon Divine Power. For the sake of keeping things secret, these powers are, well, kept secret for the time being. After all, any of you could be Avatars.

Special abilities, Avatar Powers, and the like

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