Townie: Henry Scudder - PLAYER: LUKE



I strongly suggest you read the Wikipedia pages for the Bonus Army and the American Expeditionary Force in WWI if you play this character, he wont make sense otherwise.

A veteran of the First World War, Henry Scudder saw the worst of what humanity can offer. You signed up, all nationalist fervor and enthusiasm, in 1917. By 1918, you were the only one of your unit to still be alive. Bellau Wood, Chateau Thiery, Saint-Mihiel, all the ceaseless meatgrinders that turned the ground into red mud, you have seen them all. Friends shot, blown apart, soldiers dying alone in no man’s land, crying for their mother, their sisters.

You have seen it all. You have seen more than you ever wanted. By November 1918, you threw your arms down right with the Germans, and just wanted to get home. A home that was not there anymore. You drifted from city to city, from job to job, but at least you could always rely on your pension as a veteran.

Then came the Depression. The government wanted to delay your payments, leave you and your fellow veterans, the Bonus Army, marched onto Washington. And there, your government, and your army, the very army that took your youth, your innocence, and your friends, fired on you. You shot back, and so did a few of the Bonus Army. Patton, that swinehound, ordered a cavalry charge on your column. You were dispersed, and for the second time in your life, you threw down your arms in disgust.

You travelled for weeks, trying to get away from the government, the people, and yourself. On a long road dotted with human misery, the same misery that War was supposed to sweep away, the same poverty, the same hunger that drove you to march on your own capitol, you arrived in New Canaan a year ago. Life is hard here, money is tight, and work is rare. You get by on odd jobs, sleep in a flophouse, and spend most of your money at The Golden Bull.

But at least, there is no mud, and there is no shooting. And no nightmares. Yet.


Townie: Henry Scudder - PLAYER: LUKE

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