Dog: Brother Justin - PLAYER: GENEVIEVE



Concept: old religious enforcer looking to redeem himself by redeeming the town.

Brother Justin is the de facto leader of the Dogs.

Brother Justin is an old Dog, in more ways than one. Initiated into the Order as a milk-faced, idealistic young boy barely this side of 16, he joined up at the turn of the century, in a time when the Faithful were largely left to govern themselves. He was judge, jury, and occasional executioner to the followers of the King of Life, but more than that, he was their confidant, their helper, their shelter in the storm of life.

But a lifetime of service can wear anyone down, and the Sins of the World slowly crept into the domain of the Faithful. The Dogs were declared a militia by Coolidge, and placed on the wrong side of the law by Hoover. Sinners from the Babylons, the Sodoms, the hives from the East crept into the land of balm and virtue, into the cities of the Faithful, and Brother Justin was powerless to stop it.

More than that, Sin crept into Brother Justin’s heart, and flesh. He flagellates himself weekly, and to his horror, something whispers to him as he tears at his skin. Once, his visage looked back at him with jet-black eyes.

Brother Justin wishes to purify the town of New Canaan, and in doing so, purify his soul. Fire burns away all Sin. So it is written. So it shall be done. But why are the flames black in his dreams?


Dog: Brother Justin - PLAYER: GENEVIEVE

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