Carny: Ben Hawkins - PLAYER: PHONECIA



Concept: Oakie drifter kid, on the run from the law, working as hired help. Eager to find a home, but secretive about something.

You are a tall, scrawny Okie hayseed with ill-kept hair, a tattered shirt and trousers, and the heavy, clinking remains of a chain around your left ankle.
You grew up on an Oklahoma farm, with your mother, always living hand to mouth. Your father left for the Great War, and vanished somewhere on the other side of the ocean. The farm was never really profitable, and tilling the dirt was hard, back-breaking labor, but it was honest work. Then the rain stopped falling. The grass wilted and coiled. The topsoil was picked up by the howling winds, and the sandstorms turned the once fertile prairie into a desert. You left your home, determined to survive somehow. You stole, you robbed, and then you got caught. Breaking stones in a chain gang was ultimately a better life than the one you had, but a letter from your mother forced you to escape back home.

You arrived just in time to see your mother cough up blood, mixed in with the dust in her lungs, until what flowed from her mouth was akin to mud. The soil was cracked, and hard as stone, and you had to use a pickaxe to dig her grave. A bulldozer, on the orders of some far-of speculator who just bought the land, demolished your home the next day.

You met the Carnival on the road, and Samson took you on as a rustabout, much to the dismay of the others. You have found some acceptance with these freaks and outcasts since then, but you’re still the newest face around. You try your best, you work hard, harder than any of the older workers, and you hope to find a new family in this tumult of wagons and weirdness.


Carny: Ben Hawkins - PLAYER: PHONECIA

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