Wellcome to my one-shot LARP!

Its a mashup between Dogs In The Vinyard (a narrativist RPG about Mormon policemen/enforcers/priests during the Mormon Exodus of 1840's) and Carnivale (a totally awesome and under-appreciated TV series that you should look up NOW)

It will be set in the (fictional) Utah town of New Canaan. You will either be playing members of two factions (more, if we get enough players).
The members of the carnival have just arrived at the outsirts of the city, starving and destitute. They want to make some good coin of the joy-deprived townsfolk, and rest and recuperate after fleeing through the Great Plains.

On the other side are the Dogs, the peacekeepers, enforcers, and occasional executioners of the hardline conservative (fictionalised) Mormon community living in New Canaan. While they tolerate their less godly townfolk, they want no business with these charlatans and sinners who have just shown up.

Of course, nothing is as it seems, and both factions have deeper reasons for seeking, or avoiding conflict. And off in the distance, the clouds of a dust storm roll ever closer. 

Will the Carnival find shelter? Will the Dogs protect the purity of the town? Will Management reveal his reason for dragging the Carnival into the middle of nowhere? Will Elder Justin repent or force repentance on others? Will the town remain standing, or will it, and everyone in it, be erased from the face of the Earth by the coming storm?


Finished wiki pages:

The Town

The Carnival

The Faith and the Dogs

Conflict mechanics, Escalation, and the Supernatural

How to play

Special abilities, Avatar Powers, and the like

A Carnival Of Hounds